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Book no.1

When college student Nathan Stryder is abducted from Earth by an alien power and thrown headfirst into an interstellar war, it shatters his world.


Freed from his captors by the Meraki Dominya, Nathan learns his sister was also taken and strikes a deal to rescue her. Joining their ranks, he meets Arista, a skilled commando who has been trained to shoot first and not ask questions later. But he soon discovers that under her hardened exterior, there is a kindred soul. However, as the risks around them escalate, he must determine if she truly is friend or foe.


Meanwhile, Nathan is caught in the middle of an expanding conflict he knows little about. As his new reality twists in unexpected and dangerous ways, he battles mounting alien threats that push him to his limits, and beyond. All the while, his decisions trigger consequences that echo beyond anything he can imagine.


With the future of an entire planet and possibly the galaxy hanging in the balance—is he in way over his head? Or will he overcome the galactic odds stacked against him?

“The resolve of one can eclipse a legion.”

Deathwind: War of the Harbingers

by Brad Pawlowski


Meraki Commando Arista Conak's days are never dull, especially when they involve awkward parties and unstable black holes.

When a black hole threatens to devour the research station Drasen Cab, Arista and her mentor, Valor Krell Duma, are called in to rescue the inhabitants.

But all is not as it seems on this secret installation. Unknown to just about everyone, this is a critical first piece to the War of the Harbingers.

Join Arista on this adventure before her fate collided with Nathan Stryder in this 39-page precursor novelette.

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War of the Harbingers: A Precursor Story

by Brad Pawlowski

Before Project Deathwind. There was the...

Incident at Drasen Cab

Available in eBook only.

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