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Reader's Favorite Award Winning Novel

A wonderfully comprehensive work of science fiction that leaves no stone unturned in its development. The layers of worldbuilding and concepts that form the bedrock of the story are solidly developed. The alien threats are well-realized, not just as the plot's big, exciting danger points but as a separate force with their own internal logic and fully-rounded society. Then there’s Nathan and Arista, whose character development, close narrative, and sharply-penned dialogue allow us a deeper insight into their attitudes and feelings, moving the plot forward effortlessly with naturalistic exposition but also bonding us to them. To top it all off, the fantastic pacing of the novel allows for slow-burning moments of suspense and character development that suddenly spill into tense twists, conspiracies, battles, and heroic moments with cinematic depiction. Overall, War of the Harbingers: Deathwind is a novel that fans of well-penned, sensational science fiction simply must read.

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